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(Date: 16/04/2011, 22:19:55)
I haven't had this much fun since the first time I played faro in San Francisco in 1988. Great re-creation of my favorite old-time gambling game.
(Date: 19/02/2011, 12:20:48)
It took a few minutes to get used to (no pause button) 10 second place your bet. I love this authentic game it moves right along. The most Therapeutic challenge my brain has had for a long time. Thanks Parnell Playing Card Company.
(Date: 30/09/2010, 10:40:20)
Shay, what an excellent job you have done at creating this online Faro Bank! I like how the wins, loss, games played are kept track of, and the graphics are wonderful. Outstanding job!

(Date: 22/09/2010, 01:20:35)
This is incredible I played for the first time tonight, finally got to learn and play the great game of faro. This is really amazing.
(Date: 18/09/2010, 12:40:41)
Wow! Leave it to Shay to make this work, just had a few minutes to play for the first time, the action is great, and I loved it.
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